When you choose Nepal Himalayan Forbidden Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd, you choose a strong group of people who have worked in tours, travels, trekking and mountain climbing in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan for over 7 years and this team knows how to take care of their guests with incredible responsibility, detailed organization, kindness and laughter. This means that all you need to do is preparing things from your end, and let us do the rest. We put your safety, health and individual needs foremost in our minds and hearts and then we put them into serious action. So, once you have booked with us, know we are in control!

Our focus is to create a Himalayan trekking experience that is second to none, that reveals the full unique beauty and wonder of this magical and holy land which offers adventure and reflection, establishes genuine caring connections with its people, that is hassle-free, completely affordable and that helps support and preserve local environments and cultures. Mountain environments are especially fragile, not only in terms of flora and fauna but also in terms of cultural beliefs, and the customs of the indigenous people in the Himalayan regions. We prefer to tread lightly in the many sensitive areas of this land, always helping to preserve and protect the environment. To prove someone is better than the other there needs some strong key factors that can be seen in reality. Today we can list our company in some of better ones and to list for better we have presented some key factors which are our achievements, responsibility and social welfare services. Nepal Himalayan Forbidden Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd is one of the authorized companies for trekking and travels in Nepal, registered in the Office of the Company Registrar and licensed from the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. Each member of our team holds license and expertise in their respective field of trekking, tours, mountaineering, expedition, peak climbing, rafting and more. We are committed to our roles and responsibilities, taking care of you, right from the day you arrive here in Nepal and till the last minute, you leave the country. We serve both experienced and non-experienced visitors in such a way that everyone will be able to get a success of their ambition to achieve their ultimate destination that can either be trekking, tour, expedition or any other field. We have wide range of options regarding the itineraries, services, packages with varying on the prices, so that we can serve to all sorts of tourists.

With these features, we promise that you will be able to gather the fondest and memorable moment with us and the time you spend with us will be the nostalgic to your lifetime. This is the same reason, why many visitors, who once are in touch with us, wish to come and visit us time and again. We consider your faith as our success.

Here are some reasons why travelers have choosen on us;

Government authorized company: We are registered under the government of Nepal, have been organizing professional treks and tours in the Nepal Himalayas with its customized trip as per the client’s wishes. We are very flexible to answer all the questions arise from clients and corresponding with them very precisely before and after the travel.

Strong Foundation: Dedicated, young, experienced and committed team of Nepal Himalayan Forbidden Treks & Expedition imparts your holiday a memorable, your journey a success and achieves your ultimate destination. We believe on work rather than word, serve quality service with wide range of choices. We have adequate of equipments necessary for all sorts of tourism adventures, either that is trekking, tour, expedition, peak climbing, rafting to name a few. Each team member holds license, experience and expertise in their respective field. They are regular paid, insured of their health. They are always ready in their area to make your holiday a lifetime achievement.

Safety: The second reason, why you should choose us is for your safety and security. As aforementioned, each team member of Nepal Himalayan Forbidden Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd are well trained of the First Aid in case of any incident, either that be high altitude sickness to stranded in any menace. We have emergency and rescue helicopter services in case it is needed. We have 24-hour hotline services and satellite phone facilities for communication while in the journey in case of emergency.

Quality and Guaranteed service: We provide high quality and guaranteed services; therefore, we have an excellent track record of our customer’s satisfactions. We plan before starting of any sort of activities or journey with proper consultation with everyone involved in it and brief possible threat beforehand, so that we can prevent the possible unwanted aspects and therefore, we ultimately could impart the maximum satisfaction to our clients.

Stress free and relaxed travel: We know that you have come to Nepal to spend your holiday and release your stress after long and continuous shores. We have designed the itineraries and the packages in such a way that you will feel relaxed and stress free journey and splendid sightseeing, so that you feel at home away from home, like you are watching TV or doing any exiting and fondest activities in and around your cozy place. Because, we believe, during your journey with us must be fun, memorable and fondest in your lifetime.

Variety of services in reasonable price: We provide wide range of services in reasonable price. We can guarantee that any travel and trekking company in the country provides such service in the price, we have been providing to the visitors. We provide the best possible services to our guest with the blend of care and sincerity to make you feel at home away from home at the cost you can afford.

Eco-friendly company: We believe that the nature and the culture of this country are the biggest assets and therefore, any activities, we undertake attempt to ensure no, if not minimal negative impact upon the nature and its unique culture. Our team members have taken various training relating to environmental and cultural prevention.

Both male and female guides: We do have both male and female guides. We believe some visitors feel comfort and prefer to travel with women staffs. Either male or female, they hold license, experience and expertise in their respective fields.

Family/Student discount: We provide family hiking holiday, cultural tours, volunteer projects and any other type of educational or cultural exchange programs for students and family with small kids. We offer 5-10 percent discount for families/students.