Energetic Workforce

We are driven, young, and enthusiastic to showcase Nepal in as many ways as we possibly can. This energy of ours has been transferred to many of our clients who have chosen to continue our partnership during their repeated visits to the country. Our strong organizational culture that thrives on generating excitement and close bonds we share with our workforce produces unmatched energy in the workforce. There is always work, but our energetic workforce makes it fun helping create unforgettable experiences.

Boosting Local Ecosystem

We are nothing without local participation and support hence we make it our duty to generate an ecosystem for these local areas to thrive on. We hire and train the local workforce and give businesses to those in the remote areas encouraging them to take full advantage of the tourism industry. We also make it a priority to educate the locals regularly on how they can capitalize off the industry by introducing culturally rich businesses. As a reward, we receive genuine love and support from them.

Discounted Prices and Exceptional Service

We believe that everyone should be benefited with the perks of traveling hence we make sure that the packages we offer are as affordable as possible. Along with the varied range of travel packages, we also provide student discounts, for exploration should not have an age limit. With tried and tested formulas, we have been able to generate a great blend of high-quality service at reasonable pricing. Our hospitality does not discriminate and no matter which package you take with us, we make sure to provide you with the safest gear and most experienced guides.

Stress-Free Travel

While traveling is usually done to take a break from the stressful life, planning it could have the opposite effect. We at Nepal Himalayan Forbidden Treks and Expedition make sure that stress is at bay and all you experience is excitement for the new journey. Our professional workforce, that is trained in handling different clienteles, work closely with you to handle your logistics before, during, and after your trip. Let us do the worrying while you just enjoy the ride.

Safety is a big priority

The equipment’s we use are of top-notch quality while our guides are trained with multiple years of experience and are highly responsive. Prevention is always better than cure, so with the practice session to familiarize our guides with possible issues that may arise, we have produced back up plans to ensure that all our clients are safe regardless of the emergency situation. Additionally, our attentive staffs are all ears and make sure that all your queries are addressed on time.

Sustainable Practices

Our respect to the areas we travel in is born from this great need to protect the originality of the striking views that the country has to offer. The tourism industry has garnered a lot of opportunities for people like us and hence we take it upon ourselves to help maintain this environment through our sustainable practices. Our staffs are trained in practices that work to protect the environment and the culture of the remote areas, so we often engage ourselves in cleanup activities and other interactive sessions with the community. We at Nepal Himalayan Forbidden Treks and Expedition want to be a prime example of a company that succeeds while being both sustainable and ethical.

Personalize Your Trip

Traveling is a very personal and intimate experience, so we allow you the space to create your own experiences. You can personalize your trips by creating your own itineraries with the assistance of our team of experts. You can either choose a trip from our versatile range of packages to make simple modifications to it according to the experience you want to have or you can craft a completely fresh itinerary based solely on your preferences. We are more than happy to cater to your travel needs.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission lies in how we have been doing our business so far; it thrives on practices that have involved ethics, sustainability, and passion to deliver exciting memories.

From our interaction with our workforce to the exchanges we have shared with our explorers, we have always worked to produce joy through the work we do. Additionally, we also believe that doing great business does not have to come at an expense of compromising on the protection of communities, employees, or the environment.  Hence, from day one, our priority has been to maintain this balance of establishing a successful business that respects the system it runs in. Our efforts have been to interlink the environment, the local communities, and our workforce in a manner which allows everyone involved to enjoy maximum level of appreciation and happiness.

Our youthful energy has always been infectious and we have used it to achieve great connections with our clients. Driven by the goal to continue thriving, our mission is to be a prime example of becoming a business that is taking the help of corporate social responsibility to achieve great success. We also aim to be known around the world as an energetic company that works hard to provide the best services while caring for communities and explorers alike. We vouch to continue to create a path towards sustainable tourism for all travel agencies worldwide.